Welcome to this demo of Vitrine, a dashboard powered by Discourse and GitLab

Vitrine is an easy tool to showcase your projects, tools, team members....

About Vitrine


Vitrine (French for "showcase") is a free and open source tool to easily generate a website using content retrieved from third-party pages. Originally, its main use case was for a hackathon landing page, to showcase its projects and participants, datasets, tools, etc. Vitrine can also be used for any other purpose.

Current instances


Discourse and Gitlab as a CMS

Vitrine was inspired by other content managing systems (CMS) such as Hackdash or Wordpress but instead of having its own back office / admin panel, it's based on Discourse and GitLab. This allows you to take advantage of the rich features offered by these tools, especially for community management, while at the same time using them as a CMS to edit collaboratively and in near-real time the content displayed in Vitrine.

Our Projects

The World’s Economic Database
L'Afrique en cartes
Africa Dashboard
Open Data Observatory
The State of Open Data in France
Improving the quality and interoperability of open datasets

Our Team

Bruno Duyé
Christophe Benz
Johan Richer
Maxime Ancelin
Photo TODO
Pierre Dittgen

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