Our Technical Expertise

Data Processing
Databases, indexing engines, validation. PostgreSQL | MongoDBApache Solr | Frictionless Data
DevOps and Cloud
We automate the production chain, from development to deployment. GitLab CI | Docker | Ansible
Selected according to their functionality, ecosystem and performance. Python | NodeJS | TypeScript | Elm | Rust
Static websites
Lightweight, fast, money saving. Jekyll | Hugo | Sapper | Gatsby
Web design and UX
We attach importance to producing clear, homogeneous and accessible interfaces. Bootstrap CSS | Tailwind CSS
Web Mapping
Our team is passionate about OpenStreetMap combined with web mapping technologies: a great way to showcase your data. OpenStreetMap | LeafletMapbox GL
We develop modern web applications and PWA. JavaScript | Svelte | Sapper | Vue | React | Elm

What Jailbreak is About

Free software for free data.


As data specialists, we take care of processing, cleaning, rectifying and structuring data.

We advise local authorities and public administrations that need to work with open data as we know ecosystems, repositories, tools (as well as legal framework in France).

We design processing chains, from raw data to usable data (publication, extraction of indicators, dashboards, etc.).


We carry out tailor-made developments or integrate existing applications, always respecting Web codes and standards (W3C, UX, SEO, API, micro-services, PWA).

We promote the Web as an application platform, on all media.

We design state-of-the-art web applications, and modernize your existing applications.

We support your digital transformation project, for example when migrating from a proprietary system to an open source solution.


We automate and speed-up your applications deployment and guarantee traceability at each step of the process.

By adopting a service-centric architecture, we reduce server resources and improve the performance of your applications.

We give priority to: containers, GitLab CI/CD (continuous integration), Git for the source code and the data, static websites.

We audit your architecture and offer you the most suitable solution to automate its processes.


Jailbreak has openness as DNA.

It applies to source code, data, APIs provided by Jailbreak and even in its inner functioning. We carry this value to all domains: public administration, private sector, research, associations…

Jailbreak projects are based on standards and software modules developed, supported and maintained by the free software communities and open data initiative.

Jailbreak thus reinforces the independence of its customers and guarantees the sustainability and interoperability of its projects.


Jailbreak works in collaboration with its customers, who are themselves actors throughout the project.

It integrates humanity into the heart of work processes, adapting the methodology according to the people.

She leads projects from start to end, from design to implementation and deployment.

It delivers the product continuously, and priorities are reviewed with the customer after each delivery.


Jailbreak is committed to putting the strength of communities at the service of its customers.

Jailbreak’s added value is to be able to identify these different communities, interact with them to boost their talents.

A successful digital transformation project now involves these communities.